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T-800 Bucker

SKU: 364215376135191
$14,999.00 Regular Price
$7,499.00Sale Price
  • Weight: 120lbs
    Power Requirement: Standard 110V outlet (NonGFCI) 
    Motor: Variable Speed, 3/4HP, 15 Amps

So, why the huge discount?

Right about now, you are asking what kind of scam this is? Plus, even if this offer is true, buckers suck so who cares? Additionally, I have never even seen one of these machines or heard of Intelligent Harvest Systems.

OK, totally with you, but give me a minute to show you why you did not end up on the wrong website. My name is David Jasiewicz and I am the President of IHS and the Engineer who designed the T-800 bucker. I run the manufacturing right here in Arizona, USA.

First, we are an engineering company, not a marketing company. Our focus is on making bad ass machines, not selling a name. How do you want to spend your money? Our machines have been used by many large and small grow operations around the world for years reliably bucking top quality buds. However, what we have not done a good job at is getting our word out.

Our bucker was designed and built after talking to countless growers who spent tens of thousands on bucking equipment just to relegate their boat anchor to the broom closet for failing to uphold its promises. We solved all the complaints we received and could not make this offer if we didn't.

These are the problems I solved:

1. Eliminate hand trimming the bottom of stems because we only need 1.5" to engage the feed mechanism. It’s not all about length, but yea, we're short.
2. Our patented belt feed system keeps gripping plants even if it gets wet.
3. The belt feed system does not build up plant material or resin. You clean the machine when you want, not when the machine stops working.
4. In the unlikely event of a stuck plant, you don’t have to stop and reverse the machine with your sticky hands.
5. Sharp stainless cutting dies on the front of our machine gently cuts off your buds instead of mashing them against a blunt plate.
6. It’s incredibly easy to clean.
7. If this machine does not fulfill its promises and blow away the performance of machines costing 3X its price, we will pay you to send it back.

Everyone who uses these machines loves them and I want you to see why. Feel free to call me to talk about engineering stuff or the meaning of life at 310-686-4820.

So, if you are still with me, here are the details.

download (1)_edited.jpg

Our unique patented belt feed system solves several problems.

First, roller feeds must be larger to provide enough surface area between the rollers to grab the plant. With the belt feed the pulleys can be smaller so there is less plant prep. We eliminate the need to prebuck the bottom leaves in most cases.

download (2)_edited.png

Second is the ease of cleaning. Most plant material falls off the belts on its own. The remainder comes off by popping out the cassettes and soaking them in warm diluted Simple Green for 30-60 minutes. After that, a soft plastic brush will remove anything that remains.

Third is a reduction of stem jamming. Even with larger rollers, the gripping force on the stem is way less than our belt system. Also, unlike the belt system, roller systems tend to build up layers of plant material reducing the grip even further. In the unlikely event that a stem jams in our bucker, just push down on the foot peddle and the stem is released. No stopping and reversing the motor.

We manufacture the T-800 at our facility in the USA. By purchasing directly from us you cut out the middleman and save tons. Even at full price, our machines are less expensive than many of the machines on the market without our features.

Still unsure? Call or email us to speak directly with engineering to learn how we design and build these machines to support your harvest.

As a supplier to growers, we only succeed if you do. Even though we have only been making buckers since 2019, we have been building machines since 2003. We want to show you why we are better, and we back it up with a 10-year warranty.

We are confident in our product and want you to see why more growers are relying on the Intelligent Harvest Systems.

Protected by US Patent No. US11304436B2

Finally, we are sure you want to know how many lbs. per hour this machine can buck. We dedicated a full page to answering this question for you. See the details.

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