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  • Why should I work with Intelligent Harvest Systems?
    Tired of waiting time during harvesting by doing everything by hand? With over 20 years of experience, David "Jaz" Jasiewicz has developed an efficient and reliable machine that decreases harvest time and increases production. With the T-800 Bucker, your business can count on our machine that eliminates hand trimming before bucking. We know a high-quality product is essential - that’s why we designed our machine to gently cut the buds, preserving the plant. And with only 1.5” of stem needed to engage the belt, you’ll enjoy a faster harvest with reduced residue buildup and easy cleaning.
  • How will the T-800 Bucker help save me time?
    Embracing technology and automation is essential and can make a tremendous difference in your business. Investing in the right equipment can streamline processes, boost efficiency, cut costs, and increase profits, all while maintaining the integrity of your product. One area where automation shines is in harvesting, and Intelligent Harvest Systems' T-800 bucker is a prime example. With a competitive price, easy maintenance, and high reliability, the T-800 revolutionizes the harvesting experience. It can buck up to 300 lbs. and 75 lbs. dry per hour, while its patented belt feed design prevents residue build-up. The T-800 requires just 1.5 inches of stem to engage, saving time on pre-bucking, and its sharp stainless steel cutting dies ensure clean and intact buds. Automation innovations like the T-800 makes harvesting more efficient, cost-effective, and labor-saving. With 1 bucker being able to replace up to 10 employees, this investment in technology propels your business forward, unlocking greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the cannabis industry. For added peace of mind, every T-800 comes with a 10-year warranty that gives you direct access to the engineering team should questions or concerns ever arise.
  • What perks come with the T-800 Bucker?
    Eliminate hand trimming the bottom of stems because we only need 1.5" to engage the feed mechanism. Our patented belt feed system keeps gripping plants even if it gets wet. The belt feed system does not build up plant material or resin. You clean the machine when you want, not when the machine stops working. In the unlikely event of a stuck plant, you don’t have to stop and reverse the machine with your sticky hands. Sharp stainless cutting dies on the front of our machine gently cuts off your buds instead of mashing them against a blunt plate.
  • Who do I contact for help?
    Have you ever had a less-than-satisfactory tech support experience? Maybe they told you to reboot your machine and call back, or they blamed you for messing it up in the first place. Maybe they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. That won’t happen when you buy from Intelligent Harvest Systems. Not only did I design the machine, but I also serve as tech support. I know my machines inside and out, and I will work with you to make sure the equipment runs smoothly throughout the 10-year warranty period. David "Jaz" Jasiewicz 310-868-4820
  • Is training provided on how to use the Bucker effectively?
    Owner and designer, David "Jaz" Jasiewicz, is available to walk you through your new bucker! Our machine only requires 15 minutes to set up after delivery, simply plug in the machine, turn on the power, and get to buckin'!
  • What is the capacity of the Bucker in terms of pounds per hour?
    The short answer – 200 to 300 lbs. wet or 30 to 75 lbs. per hour dry.
  • Can it handle the volume of cannabis you plan to harvest?
    Our machines have been used by many large and small grow operations to reliably buck quality buds.
  • Can it be customized to produce a specific trim size?
    We provide 4 different size guides on our faceplate to increase the life of the belt and speed up production.
  • How easy is it to adjust the settings?
    Variable speed can be easily adjusted with its industrial 3/4 HP motor.
  • What is the quality of the trim produced by the Bucker?
    Sharp stainless cutting dies on the front of our machine gently cut off your buds instead of mashing them against a blunt plate.
  • What materials are used in the construction of the Bucker?
    We use high-quality components, including stainless steel bearings, to ensure your Bucker will last. The cassettes can be fully submerged to make cleaning easy.
  • Is it designed for heavy-duty use and built to last?
    We include a 10-year warranty program with each machine purchase and fully stand behind the quality and durability of our machines.
  • How easy is it to clean and maintain the Bucker?
    It’s incredibly easy to clean. Most plant material falls off the belts on its own. The remainder comes off by popping out the cassettes and soaking them in warm, diluted Simple Green for 30-60 minutes. After that, a soft plastic brush will remove anything that remains. The belt feed system does not build up plant material or resin. You clean the machine when you want, not when the machine stops working.
  • Are tools required to disassemble?
    Disassembly is easy, and no tools are required for cleaning.
  • What are the power requirements for the bucket?
    Standard 110V outlet (NonGFCI).
  • Are replacement parts readily available?
    Replacement parts are available. See full warranty for detailed information.
  • Does it operate on standard electrical outlets, or does it require a specific power source?
    Operates with a standard electrical outlet.
  • Is there an emergency stop function?
    Yes, use the off switch to simply stop the machine.
  • How portable is the Bucker? Does it have wheels or handles for easy movement?
    The Bucker fits in most vehicles for transport! With large flat-free tires, it can be easily moved on various surfaces.
  • What does the Ten Year Warranty cover?
    The Ten Year Warranty covers all parts, except for cassettes and belts, and it's valid for the first ten years from the original purchase date, provided the machine is used and maintained according to the instructions. It covers factory-specified replacement parts for non-cosmetic defects and repair labor is not included.
  • What does the Two Year Limited Warranty cover?
    The Two Year Limited Warranty covers all parts, except belts, for the first two years from the original purchase date, conditional on the correct operation and maintenance of the machine. It covers factory-specified replacement parts and repair labor.
  • What is covered by the 90-Day Limited Warranty?
    The 90-Day Limited Warranty covers all parts for the first 90 days from the original purchase date. It covers factory-specified replacement parts and repair labor.
  • What is the overall cost of the Bucker?
    A brand new machine is currently half-price at $7,499. Even at full price, our machines are less expensive than many of the machines on the market without our features.
  • Can the Bucker be customized to meet specific requirements?
    Yes, we can provide a custom quote for those looking for specific requirements.

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