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Cut labor costs, not plant quality! Many buckers out there cause damage to the plant, leading to product loss and reduced revenue. Our proprietary design not only offers a precise and gentle harvest but also reduces labor costs of up to 10 employees. Plus, enjoy reduced training time, fewer costly errors, and less time managing people. Say hello to an easier, cost-effective harvest!


With our 10 year warranty we are confident you will be happy with our patented bucking technology. 

To sweeten the deal, we are currently offering our machines at 50% off with free shipping and we cover the tax.

We know money is tight and by selling factory direct, we can pass the savings on to you. 

Was: $14,999 

Sale Price: $7,499


Developed through years of actual use in the field

"For over 20 years, our family has been in the industry. It all started with a need to quickly harvest our crop within days because a frost was coming in. Even with all of our efforts, two-thirds of our crop were lost. We saw how things could be different, and worked to design a machine that would improve the harvest experience. We exist to help growers harvest a better quality more efficiently."

Join the list of growers who have decided to Buck Up!

"As a professional trimmer, I never thought I would have any need for a bucking machine. I was so used to hand bucking. So, when I was asked to test out the T-800 by IHS, I was totally skeptical. Fast forward 6 months later, and I cannot live without this machine!"



At IHS, we know that you can’t afford to have downtime when it comes to harvesting. We include a 10 year warranty program with each machine purchase, and fully stand behind the quality and durability of our machines.

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We get it, our industry has been expanding and changing quickly, and your business has had to grow with it. That’s why we are sharing our free guide, the Cannabis Growers Survival Guide.

Check out our tips for navigating the market and expanding your business.


Intelligent Harvest Systems is a proud member of the National Hemp Association

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